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Time Management Resources: 10 Must-Haves to Improve Your Workday

Good time management skills can have a positive impact on both your professional and personal life. Managing your time well is not just about getting more done in a day. It’s about prioritizing what’s most important, having time to disconnect, pursue interests outside of work, and have better work-life balance.

We’re sharing five resources to help you rethink time management and five productivity tools to help you prioritize tasks and implement effective time management strategies.

5 time management resources 

Knowledge management

Knowledge management is how your company shares tools, resources, and information across employees and teams. Most teams spend up to 3.6 hours per day searching for the information or tools they need to do their jobs. 

Time Management Resources

Here are three articles to help you clean up your knowledge management workflows:

Team communication

Team communication is an important part of daily workflows and knowledge transfer. When team communication breaks down, it can create bottlenecks that waste time and energy. 

Team Communication Resources

Here are two articles to help you improve communication and collaboration between teams.

5 time management tools

Toggl: A simple and effective time tracker

Toggle: Time Tracker

Toggl offers tools for time tracking, work planning, and hiring, all in one platform. Toggle Track is a seamless, one-click time tracking software that syncs with all platforms and doesn’t require dreaded time sheets. 

Benefits of using Toggl for time management:

  • Accurate billing without time sheets
  • Manage team workloads
  • One-click time tracking that syncs across platforms
GoLinks: Knowledge Management

GoLinks offers short, shareable links to help your team find and share information quickly and easily. Use variable go links to 10x efficiency and access workspace analytics to understand what resources your teams use most.

Benefits of using GoLinks for time management:

  • Quickly and easily share resources 
  • Single source of truth across teams
  • Workspace analytics to streamline tools

Trello: Organizing your work and life

Trello: Project Management

Trello is a project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to manage daily tasks and keep projects on schedule. Trello can automate tasks to help your team manage their daily workload efficiently. 

Benefits of using Trello for time management

  • Set clear expectations for tasks and deadlines
  • View progress and status updates on all projects
  • Manage workflows in one tool

Focus@Will: Increasing productivity with background music

Focus@Will: Background Music

Focus@Will customizes background music to your preferences and work style. Backed by neuroscience, Focus@Will changes music at the right intervals to help you stay focused for longer. 

  • Benefits of using Focus@Will for time management
    • Fewer work breaks
    • Improved concentration
    • Reduces distractions

RescueTime: Understanding your digital habits

RescueTime: Productivity Assistant

RescueTime is a productivity assistant that provides a daily goal for focused work and tracks your progress directly in your taskbar. The tool is fully automated and allows you to access smart coaching to improve your time management skills.

Benefits of using RescueTime for time management

  • Intuitively blocks distracting websites
  • Optimizes your meeting schedule
  • Help prioritize focused work blocks

There are so many strategies and tools you can use to improve time management. Better time management not only makes you more productive at work, but allows you to achieve better work-life balance. 

Searching for information is one of the biggest time wasters for employees. GoLinks makes it easy to find and share tools, resources, and information with team members. Try GoLinks for free today to streamline your workflows.

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