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Sherpa Leverages GoLinks

Sherpa Leverages GoLinks to Streamline IT Support and Engineering Function  

About sherpa° 

sherpa° is a B2B2C travel tech company and a leading global provider of travel requirements and documentation for the travel industry. Powered by unmatched industry knowledge and product expertise, sherpa° partners with leading global travel brands— from airlines to online travel agencies to travel management companies—to help travelers make informed booking decisions and travel confidently and freely.

sherpa° was looking to scale its IT department and provide better information hygiene for its staff. As a part of this initiative, they hired Nik Ram, Director of Information Technology. Nik was a prior user of go links, which was loved by the engineering and IT teams. Because he had seen the successful use of go links, Nik knew it could be a great way to solve the information hygiene issues sherpa° was experiencing. 

Sherpa + GoLinks

The Solution

While searching for a solution, Nik picked GoLinks because it met all his requirements. He felt it stood apart from competitors for having SSO, analytics, and admin ability to provision or de-provision users.

Nik also liked that GoLinks virtually had no lift and had a powerful Google Chrome browser extension that made creating go links easy, especially for Google Chrome shorthand. Not to mention GoLinks’ prior success stories with other customers like Instacart and DoiT.

Another feature that Nik knew would help the company was variable go links. Variable go links can be used across many teams like IT, Support, and Engineering. Nik states that before using GoLinks, there were a lot of long links that would get lost or need to be updated. This made it hard for teams company-wide to manage their knowledge and create one single source of truth. 

With the help of Sherpa’s senior leadership, Nik led the launch of GoLinks. He shared, “People jumped on board and started loving it, and that’s why we shortly ended up converting to Enterprise.”

Here are just a few of the significant benefits that Sherpa experienced with GoLinks. 

Better Knowledge Management

GoLinks is used company-wide at Sherpa and has been heavily adopted by their IT, Customer Support, and Engineering teams.

Here’s how their teams are leveraging GoLinks for knowledge management and data hygiene: 

  • IT uses go links for onboarding and deactivation forms, internal guides, education tutorials and help desk requests.
  • Customer Support found go links to be especially useful for quickly referring back to help articles and Zendesk help tickets. 
  • Engineering leverages go links to create shortcuts to key areas in their release cycles – from build to deployment. They also use go links to act as the admin panel, reducing the need to remember API keys and increasing productivity. 
  • Marketing uses go links to make important internal resources easily accessible. Sherpa’s Product Marketing Manager, Farah Mokthar, shares that she loves using go links for her main projects and resources that the marketing department creates. 

“One of the beauties of having GoLinks is that you can have everything in just one place. I have go links for everything – for compliance tools, Okta admin shortcuts, system reports, Spoke, Notion, emails and individual emails, admin consoles. Everywhere, and everything is an acronym.”

— Nik Ram, IT Director at Multinational Travel Company at sherpa°

Improved Remote Work

Sherpa has moved to be a remote company and cites the usage of GoLinks as a great aid. “It helps for the fact that we want to bring efficiency to sharing resources and make them easily accessible,” says Nik. “3 months ago, information was still very niche; now, it’s easy to bring important information like our brand guidelines into one centralized hub like GoLinks and make it shareable with a go link like go/brand. Or if you need IT support, you can go to go/IT.”  

How GoLinks Works

When asked how Nik uses GoLinks in his daily work, he shared, “I think my job would be a lot harder if I didn’t. There’d be a lot of bookmarks and crumbs, and it would probably take a while to set up. So for me, having GoLinks has made my life 10 times easier, especially when accessing admin dashboards with variable go links like go/slack/admin go/notion/admin.”

Let your team try GoLinks with our Free version: Available at

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