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Why You Need a Link Management App

4 Reasons Why You Need an Internal Link Management App in 2024

The average company uses 254 SaaS apps. Why should you start using another one? 

Link management apps are a necessity for companies wanting to streamline internal workflows, increase productivity, and save money. That’s right—your company can save significant amounts of money with internal link management. And amid the current uncertainty and economic slowdown, we know that every dollar counts. 

Ready to learn more? In the article, we’ll cover the basics of internal link management, 4 reasons to adopt this software, and how to get started.

The first thing you need to know is the difference between external link management and internal link management. External link management apps like Bitly and Rebrandly are used for managing external links that are shared outside the organization. They are often used by digital marketing teams for branding links and tracking clicks.

Internal link management, on the other hand, is used to easily find and share the internal tools and resources your company uses daily. With that in mind, let’s cover the basics, so you understand exactly how internal link management platforms work. 

At a high level, internal link management is a type of knowledge management. Similar to a knowledge base or a corporate wiki, it helps you keep track of important company information. 

Link Management is a category of Knowledge Management

To get a little more granular, link management tools let you easily organize links, create and share short links, and track link usage. GoLinks, for instance, enables you to take any URL and shorten it to something easy to remember. 

So something like this: 

Can be turned into this: go/presentation 

How GoLinks shortens links

With the ability to make any link short, intuitive, and easy to remember, knowledge sharing across an organization becomes a breeze. Employees can find the information they need, exactly when they need it.

To sum it all up, internal link management apps: 

  • Eliminate steps in finding information
  • Bring you directly to any resource
  • Surface company information easily

Let’s talk about the benefits that companies are experiencing with this software and why you should consider bringing it into your organization.

Reason 1. Employees save significant amounts of time 

In a recent report by Coveo, which surveyed 4,000 workers, they found that employees spend 3.6 hours each day searching for information. This is a pretty alarming statistic and really highlights why link management is crucial for 2024. 

By making essential company knowledge more accessible, your employees will save significant time each day. Suddenly the 2 minutes they typically take to find a document becomes 5 seconds, and the 10 minutes they take to track down new information takes 1 minute. With the GoLinks link management app, for example, companies like Instacart have saved 1000+ hours per month. 

Reason 2. Employees boost work productivity 

According to this Panopto Report, 85% of employees agree that preserving and sharing unique knowledge in the workplace is critical to increasing team productivity. This is why link management can make such a difference; it allows employees to save and share information seamlessly. It also gives employees easy access to the resources they need to make informed decisions and successfully problem-solve. 

Reason 3. Teams prevent knowledge loss

Link management apps centralize your team’s assets and conversations so that everybody has a single source of truth to reference as they do their work. That central, shared hub reduces miscommunications, improves knowledge sharing, and prevents knowledge loss.

Reason 4. Companies easily monitor SaaS spend 

Not only does link management help your company save money through boosted productivity, but it also helps you monitor which tools are being used and which aren’t. From there, you can cut unnecessary SaaS spending and save even more dollars every year. 

GoLinks, for example, shows you your top-used links so admins can see what apps are being adopted and which are forgotten. With this knowledge, teams can make more confident decisions about their tech stack and yearly spending. 

Monitor SaaS spend with the GoLinks Link Management App

Now is a great time to get started with an internal link management app to reap the rewards in 2024. Here are some tips to help you pick software and encourage company-wide adoption. 

Deciding on software 

In addition to the ability to shorten, edit, and share links, here are some other essential features to look out for: 

✔️Analytics: A great benefit of link management is the ability to monitor SaaS spend. In order to do this, you need a tool that gives you rich analytics. 

✔️Integrations & Extensions: Context switching is no fun. Find a tool that can work within all the other tools you already use.  

✔️Security: Keep your important internal information safe by adopting a tool with adequate security and protection measures. 

Encouraging company-wide adoption 

A tool can only make an impact if it’s being used. Though link management can benefit teams alone, it’s most beneficial when used company-wide. A great way to encourage this level of adoption is to include it in your onboarding. Introduce your new hires to link management on day one. 

For example, you can create short links like go/benefits as the link to their benefits summary or go/onboarding as a link to all their onboarding resources. So even if a new employee forgets an exact link or tool, they should be able to find it by searching for a word or phrase. This will get them hooked on the tool right off the bat. 

Link management apps aren’t just link shorteners. They are amazing internal tools you can use to save your company time, money, and effort. 

Stop jumping through hoops to find the resources that you need at work. GoLinks improves productivity by helping teams find and share information fast. No more endless file folders or jumbled URLs—just straightforward, streamlined, and successful collaboration. Get started for free at 

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