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GoLinks Slack integration for cross company collaboration

How to Use GoLinks and Slack for Better Cross Company Collaboration

Between busy schedules, time zone differences, and departmental silos, communication isn’t always easy. And yet, it’s so crucial for a healthy company. 

GoLinks and Slack are two tools that were created to help you communicate and collaborate with your team in a way that’s easy and efficient. With GoLinks, you can easily access and share information by shortening any link to a memorable go link. With Slack, you can connect with your team asynchronously—anytime, anywhere. 

As you can imagine, these two tools are even more powerful when they’re used together

In this article, we’ll share how you can use these two tools for better cross-company collaboration and knowledge sharing. Plus, hear all about our newest Slack feature that you’ll want to take advantage of! 

You may already be sharing go links within Slack, but with the GoLinks Slack integration, you get some additional features that make it even better. Head over to Slack to search for and add the GoLinks app and read on to learn about the benefits. 

Slack channels start to get messy when you are frequently sharing large URLs. It can be hard to keep track of what’s what. But it can also be a pain to copy and paste clickable go links into Slack. That’s where the GoLinks App comes in handy, making resource sharing even easier. 

How it works

Simply type the go link into a public Slack channel as you usually would and send the message. From there, the app will automatically convert it into a clickable go link, with the link description and original URL. This keeps your recipient from having to copy and paste the link. It also gives them a little more context. 

The GoLinks Slack App for cross-company collaboration

So you need to share a go link within Slack–but you’re struggling to remember it. We’ve been there. It’s annoying to have to hop over to the GoLinks application to search every time, so this integration lets you search for go links directly within Slack. It only takes a few keystrokes to find that resource that’s on the tip of your tongue. Say goodbye to context-switching!

How it works

Type “/go” into the channel or direct message you’re in. From there, type in a word that is related to the go link you’re trying to find. The app will then pull up search results containing that keyword, so you can find the go link you need, plus maybe discover some additional ones. 

The GoLinks Slack search function

Having a hard time keeping up with new go links that are created? By setting up a slack connection, you can have any public slack channel act as a feed for newly created go links. The best part? It benefits everyone in your company: 

It helps admins keep an eye on adoption.

It helps team leads know what their team is working on. 

It helps employees easily see and access new resources created by their team.

All this without anyone having to log into the GoLinks application, so there’s less context switching. 

How it works

This connection can be set up within any public Slack channel you wish. Once it’s set up by your GoLinks admin, the channel will automatically populate with any new go link that is created. The Slack post will show the clickable go link, as well as who created it and the description. 

Comment on, react to, or tag other employees on the post as you would any other in Slack to keep the feed social and get even more eyes on your go links. 

The GoLinks Slack connection for better cross-company collaboration

Getting started for better cross-company collaboration 

To sum it all up: GoLinks + Slack = Better Collaboration. Using these tools together helps you find and share the important resources you use throughout your workday without taking you out of your daily workflow. 

If you’re ready to get started, check out our Slack Integrations page which will help you get everything set up. 

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