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GoLinks raises $27 Million Series A funding

At GoLinks, our mission is to connect employees with the information they need to be productive and successful at any place, at any time. We do that by providing the best way to discover and share information at work through simple and intuitive, “go links.”

Today we have some exciting news to share with you. We are proud to announce GoLinks–a Y Combinator alum has raised a $27M Series A round led by Anthos Capital, with participation from previous investors, Mayfield and FundersClub

Today’s companies leverage hundreds of software tools for everyday business operations—whether it’s building products, managing employees, or servicing customers. We’re seeing that organizations are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that is scattered across their knowledge bases, cloud storage, shared docs, project management tools, Slack conversations, emails, and other apps. More than ever, there is a need to cut down on the time it takes to access and share resources. 

This new funding will allow us to continue our goal of providing the best way to discover and share information at work. We plan to continue investing in our product, its distribution, and grow the GoLinks team. Side note: We’re hiring! 

There is still a lot to do. 

As we look into the future of work—whether it be remote, hybrid, or in the metaverse—we need to question, scrutinize, and decide on the technologies we rely on to do the work. Archaic, long, ugly, hard-to-remember URLs are not there for us. We need links that we can share verbally on video calls, “See detailed metrics at go/KPIs.” Links that can be easily recalled when we see them, “Elect your health benefits at go/benefits.” And links that spark joy when we hear it, “go/lunchmenu.”

When we look forward to the new opportunities ahead of us, we want to thank our amazing team, champions, users, and investors that helped us get to this point. We are truly grateful to have you in our corner. We’re excited to take on these new challenges and can’t wait to provide future updates. 


Jorge Zamora 

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