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GoLinks Celebrates Milestone Listing on Google Cloud Marketplace

GoLinks Celebrates Milestone Listing on Google Cloud Marketplace

Companies today face a major challenge that they don’t have an easy way to address. Accessing and sharing information at work, something each employee does multiple times every workday, is inefficient. 

Teams lose hours each week searching for resources, asking coworkers for info, and duplicating work when they can’t find existing knowledge. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. GoLinks is pioneering a new way for employees to work and collaborate, connecting them more intuitively to the apps and information they access daily.

Today, GoLinks already powers the workflows of some of today’s most successful teams — and we want to bring this technology to every company. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that GoLinks is now listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace, delivering top-rated enterprise solutions to the many users within the GCP Marketplace ecosystem. 

Fast Information Access and Sharing on GCP Marketplace 

How does GoLinks power a new way of working and collaborating? It’s simple. By delivering fast and memorable access to any web resource with short links, called go links. For example, a long Google Doc URL that would previously be impossible to memorize becomes go/meeting-notes

GoLinks: information access and sharing on Google Cloud Marketplace

What starts as a simple change in link convention suddenly enables efficient resource-sharing everywhere teams work: in chats, apps, and — for the first time ever — conversations. Rather than ending an All Hands meeting with a promise to follow-up, share the deck verbally, right on the call, with go/q4-update

GoLinks shared in meetings

GoLinks helps companies effectively and efficiently access and share information at scale and is powered by generative AI to make knowledge discovery even more seamless. Conversational search built into our platform surfaces company knowledge instantly with AI. Just type any question in our dashboard or Slack and generative AI will respond with recommended go links and answers.

GoLinks AI

While our platform is robust, GoLinks is quick and easy to roll out to even the largest teams in around an hour. Employees can adopt GoLinks instantly and begin saving hours each week. Now, companies can get started right from the Google Cloud Marketplace

Our recent listing on the Google Cloud Marketplace marks a significant step toward empowering companies with a more productive and collaborative way of working. Now available to the many businesses who trust the GCP Marketplace to build and develop their products and services, GoLinks is excited to make it easier for these organizations to save time and boost productivity across their whole team. 

Ready for a faster way to access and share information at work? Check out GoLinks in the Google Cloud Marketplace or get a demo today! 

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