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12 Enterprise Apps That Boost Company Productivity

The enterprise apps market is expected to bring in $230 million in 2021 and grow to $326 million in global revenue by 2025.

More and more work is moving online in order to reduce manual effort and increase the potential for data analysis. But as this happens, new issues arise. Productivity challenges like distracting notifications, context switching, poor digital asset management, and ineffective knowledge transfer can slow your company down.

An enterprise app is an application that is designed to be used by an enterprise company, which by standard definition has at least 1000 employees. Of course, there are many kinds of enterprise apps, but the term is typically used to describe something used by an enterprise, not built by an enterprise.

For example, Hulu’s mobile app is built by the enterprise Hulu, but it’s a consumer app, not an enterprise app. On the other hand, a small business can make an application for its enterprise customers to use, like a project management tool, and this would be considered an enterprise app.

Best enterprise apps for boosting productivity

Are you concerned about productivity at your company? Maybe you’re aware of poor communication, confusing file storage, or constant interruptions.

Check out this list of innovative tools that boost knowledge sharing and productivity.

1. GoLinks

GoLinks enterprise app landing page

GoLinks offers a more reliable and secure way to use go links technology than building this capability in house. A go link is a short, intuitive link for internal use. For example go/standup might redirect to the right online conference room. As an internal link, every organization can have its own set of go links. So, go/hr might redirect to Bamboo for one company, while for another it redirects to Zenefits.

With GoLinks, employees can set up these shareable, easy-to-remember go links themselves and also discover previously created ones in the dashboard.

Key features:

  • Get to resources instantly
  • Human-readable short links that can be used visually or verbally
  • Single source of truth for company information
  • Analytics into the usage of go links

Best for:

  • Companies that leverage many cloud-based tools
  • Teams that share many common resources
  • Highly productive teams that want to streamline workflows

Learn more about GoLinks.

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2. Workona

Workona enterprise app landing page

Knowledge workers today do a lot of their most critical work inside of a web browser. Workona offers the ability to create workspaces for all of these different resources. Let’s say that when creating an advertising campaign, a growth marketer needs to access Facebook ads, your digital asset management system, a Kanban board, and an ads matrix spreadsheet with all of the copy. They can put these things in a workspace and then launch that workspace to open all of the appropriate tabs.

Key features:

  • Workspaces
  • Shared resources
  • Shared notes
  • Task management

Best for:

  • Teams that work primarily in web browsers

Learn more about Workona.

3. GoProfiles

Enterprise Apps: Profiles

GoProfiles is a people platform that combines the best parts of employee directories and peer recognition. With features like information-rich employee profiles and an interactive company org chart, your employees can easily find the coworker information they need – even as your company grows. With Bravos, the employee recognition feature, your company can foster a culture of gratitude.

Key features:

  • Employee profiles
  • Org chart
  • Employee Map
  • Employee recognition
  • 100+ integrations like Workday, Trinet, and ADP
  • Automatic data syncing

Best for:

  • Enterprise teams
  • Remote teams
  • Growing teams that need tools to scale with them

Learn more about GoProfiles.

4. Jira

Jira Software enterprise app landing page

As the most popular project management system for agile software developers, Jira is widely used in other departments across the tech industry as well. While there are plenty of project management apps built for enterprises, Jira’s software focus gives it productivity benefits that other tools don’t have. For example, the ability to link issues together with different relationships (duplicates, affected by, blocked by), is really important for large teams with tasks and issues created by many people.

Key features:

  • Issue management
  • Issue relations
  • Scrum boards
  • Kanban boards
  • Road maps

Best for:

  • Software development teams
  • Enterprise marketing teams

Learn more about Jira.

5. enterprise app landing page is a unique project management software because of its capacity planning features. You can use it to map out collaboration on projects, not just tasks and communication. Also, unlike many project management tools, it includes workflow automations to help your company reduce manual work.

Key features:

  • Task management
  • Resource planning
  • Employee onboarding

Best for:

  • Flexible, interdisciplinary teams and teams that manage contractors
  • Teams that serve clients

Learn more about

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet enterprise app landing page

Smartsheet is a robust enterprise tool for project management and digital asset management. It can be used by HR, marketing, sales, IT, and other departments. With its web-based app and mobile app, Smartsheet can become your enterprise’s command center.

Key features:

  • Resource allocation
  • Project planning
  • Time tracking
  • Team reporting
  • Digital asset management
  • Workflow automation
  • Project management

Best for:

  • Enterprises that want to bring all departments into one central tool
  • Enterprises with extensive digital assets

Learn more about Smartsheet.

7. Clockify

Clockify landing page

Clockify is a time tracking software that can help you analyze what your team spends time on. It’s a favorite with enterprises because of the visual breakdowns provided in reports. You can gain insights into individual productivity, how teams spend their time as a whole, and how much time is spent on certain projects.

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Team calendar
  • Analytics into time spent

Best for:

  • Teams that serve clients
  • Teams that work with contractors

Learn more about Clockify.

8. Wrike

Wrike enterprise app landing page

Wrike is an enterprise project management solution that helps companies set and track quarterly goals and eliminate communication silos. It’s an excellent solution for companies that want transparency not only within teams and departments but between them as well.

Key features:

  • Project planning
  • Deadline visualization
  • Asset sharing
  • Team productivity reporting
  • Company transparency via visible active projects for each team

Best for:

  • Enterprises that want interdepartmental transparency
  • Enterprises that want to track goals and projects in one place

Learn more about Wrike.

9. StandupPro

StandupPro landing page

Do you run daily standups? Whether you already do or haven’t started yet, StandupPro might be able to help you run standups better than just hopping in a conference room. You can record your goal for each day and whether or not they hit or missed their goal from the previous workday. The app offers traceable, transparent standup data. The software’s dashboard offers insights into individuals and teams so that managers can know where to focus their energy.

Key features:

  • Standup meetings
  • Goal recordings
  • Analytics into met and unmet goals

Best for:

  • Companies that want to maximize the value of daily standups
  • Companies with distributed teams

Learn more about StandupPro.

10. Front

Front landing page

Front is designed for streamlining communication with customers and amongst customer-facing teams. This enterprise app helps you bring all of your emails, customer support apps, and team members into one central hub.

Key features:

  • Universal inbox for all messages and apps
  • Team collaboration via comments, assignments, and shared drafts
  • Workflow management powered by rules and direct integrations

Best for:

  • Customer-facing teams
  • Teams with lots of email requests

Learn more about Front.

11. Trainual

Trainual landing page

Trainual is like a course software for enterprises. You can use it to build out training programs for employees and to create playbooks for processes, build and share SOPs, and publish important company policies.

Key features:

  • SOP creation and sharing
  • Internal video courses
  • Traceable employee onboarding

Best for:

  • Enterprises with high turnover
  • Teams with lots of repetitive tasks

Learn more about Trainual.

12. Elium

Elium landing page

Elium is an enterprise app for knowledge sharing. It goes beyond digital asset management with features designed to create and collaborate on content as well.

Key features:

  • Asset workspaces
  • Content and asset tagging
  • User permissions
  • Version control
  • Asset archiving
  • Brand guidelines

Best for:

  • Marketing teams
  • Enterprises with extensive assets

Learn more about Elium.

The larger the company, the greater the productivity challenges. Try these enterprise apps to save time, allocate resources better, and exchange information.

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